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NO.TitlePublish Date
41Home Security Service Provided by TCPD during 2019 CNY2019-01-16
42Taipei City Police Apprehends 119 Cash Mules in 10 Days2019-01-11
43Traffic Advisory for National Examination2019-01-07
44Traffic Control and Advisory for Taipei New Year's Eve Countdown Party2018-12-22
45TCPD Apprehends Chinese American Drug Offender2018-11-22
46Enthusiastic Citizens Complimented at the Public Safety Conference for Their Success in Helping Thwart Fraud Attempts2018-11-19
47Warmhearted MRT Police Helps Starving Woman Lying On Train Platform2018-11-14
48Traffic Control Measures for the “2018 Cycling Tour de Formosa Tournament of the Deaf”2018-11-01
49 Officer Uses App to Help Foreign Tourists Find Their Way Around Taipei2018-10-29
50Pickpockets from Mainland China Apprehended by MRT Police    2018-10-16
51President Álvaro Enrique Arzú Escobar of the Guatemala Congress Visits Taipei City Police Department2018-10-04
52Operation Outcomes of the “Juvenile Protection Project”2018-08-30
53Police and Communities Cooperate to Bust Drug Crimes 2018-08-14
54Police Enforce “Social Decency Program” and Utilize “Third Party Policing” to Great Effect2018-08-03
55Guerrilla Jiu-jitsu Trainers Exchange Takedown Techniques with TCPD Security Personnel2018-07-17
56Police Bust Cross-Border Gambling Syndicate2018-06-22
57A Joint Task Force Busts an American Teacher Growing Marijuana 2018-06-12
58Enthusiastic Citizens Commended at the Public Safety Conference for Their Success in Helping Foil Fraud Attempts  2018-05-24
59Nangang precinct Busts Father and Son Drug Cartel2018-05-17
60TCPD Busts Gang Members in a Nationwide Sweeping Operation 2018-05-14