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​Shilin Police Seize 100 Grams of Amphetamines in Epic Raid

   To showcase the NPA’s determination in the war against drugs and implement the “Advanced Drug Investigation Program,” the Shilin Precinct, TCPD immediately netted its first catch. A suspect selling the tier 2 narcotic amphetamine in New Taipei City was immediately set upon by a special task force and referred to the New Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office for further investigation.
       The suspect was cunning and prone to erratic changes in dealing times and locations, so as to avoid any investigation from the police. Thus, to control the tenuous situation, the task force tailed the suspect for many days, finally determining the exact location of the next deal to be on Feb. 4th, 2021. Armed with a search and arrest warrant from the New Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office, the suspect was apprehended at a parking lot near Section 1, Wenhua Rd., Banqiao District, New Taipei City. Confiscated on the spot was also 5 packs (about 92g) of tier 2 amphetamines, 900 thousand NTDs in illegal earnings and 2 mobile phones.
        Following further scrutiny, the suspect was transferred to the New Taipei District Prosecutors Office, and taken straight into custody for violating the “Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act.” The precinct will continue to track, monitor, and investigate any and all sources related to the trafficking of illicit drugs, and will strike down all drug cartels and anyone involved. Shilin Precinct would also like to notify the public that in order to strengthen social safety during important holidays in 2021, the police will continue to carry out all their investigative duties, including cracking down on drugs, gambling and fraud. The TCPD will not hesitate to show their full force and determination in striking down any and all crimes in Taipei City and beyond.