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​Shilin Precinct Advocates Traffic Safety Through Mountaineering Sojourn

     According to statistics from the TCPD Traffic Division, there have been 16 cases of traffic accidents involving persons aged 16 to 65 for the upper half of 2020. Among these cases, 11 were partially caused by elders not paying heed to traffic lights while crossing. The Traffic Division thus calls for the elderly to remember the mantra of “Slow down, look around and stop now” and also to refrain from crossing roads at untimely junctures while in the pursuit of everyday activities. To elaborate further, constant vigilance of passing traffic as well as strict adherence to traffic signals are advised, and optimal safety conditions would be achieved by wearing brightly colored clothing and/or reflective materials.
    In lieu of the heightened advocacy of traffic safety for the elderly, the Shilin Precinct’s commission of traffic safety is in collaboration with the Datong District Office, to advocate concepts such as pedestrian safety, DUI prevention and defensive biker strategies during the District Office’s weekend “Mountaineering event”.
    The TCPD would like to advise the elderly (65 years old and above) to embrace the concept of traffic safety, and remind them of the following points of grand road-using: “The seeming shortcut through the parkway is in fact a sure ticket to the hospital”, “Face incoming cars and keep on the sidewalk”, and finally “Brightly colored clothing keeps the vehicles clear and away”. The TCPD invites citizens of all ages to keep an eye out and work together to provide a safe traffic environment for our esteemed elderly.