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​Vigilant TCPD Officers Stop Intercontinental Love Scam

    At noon on June 10, the Dongshe police station, Songshan Precinct, TCPD received a civilian report exposing a possible case of scam fraud occurring in the district CTBC Bank. Immediately, the station dispatched officers Chien, Rong-zhu and Zhuang, Zhi-xin to the scene in order to prevent any loss of civilian property.
    Upon arriving at the bank, the would-be victim (female surnamed Tsai, born 1971) explained that some time ago she had made the acquaintance of a foreign male through social media apps. After extensive conversation and bonding, the man had told her on June 10 that he, as a doctor, was being shipped off to Syria to relieve the medical situation there, and that after running into complications, needed funds to extract himself from the war-torn country. He instructed Ms. Tsai to transfer 2000 U.S. dollars to his account, a move that the love-struck Ms. Tsai did not suspect.
    The wary police officers however, deducing the nature of this fraud attempt from Tsai’s description, analyzed the details and evidence, finally arriving at the conclusion that Tsai had indeed been scammed. They recounted similar cases of internet love scams, and succeeded in enlightening Ms. Tsai to her precarious situation. The crisis was averted, with Tsai promising to carefully scrutinize the evidence should like circumstances arise in the future.
    The Songshan Precinct would like to further promote the three takes against telecom fraud: “Take it slow, Take it calm, Take it with a grain of salt” for thorough verification of the facts is the key to stopping like crimes. It is also strongly advised that the public dial the 165 Anti-Fraud Hotline if encountering any fraud-related suspicions.