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Heroic Police give Broken Down Bus an Opportune Push

     A bus broke down in the middle of the Wanfang and Xinlong 3rd roads intersection, Wenshan district, Taipei City in the morning of January 7, causing serious traffic congestion in the nearby area. Traffic volunteers on site immediately contacted the Wenshan 2nd precinct, TCPD, who instantly activated standard traffic troubleshooting protocol, dispatching officers from the Traffic Division and the nearby Xinlong police station onto the scene in order to divert traffic flow in the vicinity. Deeming it unfeasible to simply await the tardy arrival of a tow truck, the officers opted to remove the vehicular obstacle from the road as quickly as possible and return the intersection to a state of traffic normalcy. To this end, they asked the driver and the passengers of the bus to first alight, and with herculean strength, the officers began to push the kaput transport toward the roadside. A clerk from the public transport company was also inspired by this heroic endeavor, and he joined the police in the physical salvage operation; thus, with the combined fortitude of the state and the public, the bus was relocated, traffic congestion dissipated and peace returned to the streets of early morning Taipei. The offending bus was later towed from the scene in utter disgrace.
    The Wenshan precinct later expressed its gratitude to the warmhearted citizens who participated in the operation, and would like to advise drivers and road users alike to regularly review the performance of their vehicles as well as implement a periodical maintenance schedule. Furthermore, the integrity of automotive systems must be checked thoroughly before venturing out onto the road, in order to ensure the safety of the public. Finally, the TCPD calls for all citizens to adhere to related protocol in the event of future vehicular complications, foremost of which are to keep calm, place down warning signs, pay attention to traffic safety, and finally call 110 or Road Rescue Services.