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        To elevate Taipei City as a competitive world-class metropolis, we make use of network to establish a modern online reporting system. The goal is to enhance operation efficiency in compliance with the principle of “fast reporting, fast response and fast processing”, thereby achieving service transformation and improving public service quality. 


Terms of Use


     1.  Online Police Report is only for non-emergency incidents that do not require immediate police actions. For emergencies, please call 1-1-0.


     2.  When filling out personal information of the reporting person, please ensure that the contact information is correct (the Department maintains strict confidentiality on personal information). The Department will not process the case if there is no concrete evidence. Anyone filing a false police report may be prosecuted under malicious accusation section of the Criminal Code.


     3.  110 is an emergency hotline. Dialing the hotline 110 without reason, despite the effort to dissuade, shall entail detention or a fine of up to NTD12,000 according to the Social Order Maintenance Act.


Restrictions to Online Police Reporting


  1.  The Department will respond to an online police report within 5 work days (excluding weekends and holidays).


   2.   Online Police Reporting and the 110 hotline are both ways to submit police reports. If you have selected either way to submit a police report, please do not report the case again.


System sends confirmation


        After successfully submitting an online police report, your Case Number and Enquiry Password will be displayed on the page. If not, it indicates that the report has not been successfully submitted. You may have to review the entered information and resubmit, or dial 110 to directly report the case to the police.

Process flow for different case types:  


1.   Criminal cases such as theft, threat, fraud, online gaming crime, etc.
According to section 242 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, a criminal complaint or report shall be made in writing or verbally to a public prosecutor or judicial police officer. Hence, for theft, threat, fraud, online gaming crime and other criminal cases, online police reporting is not yet completed in terms of the official reporting procedure. Therefore, after receiving your online report, the police will contact you to visit a nearby police station to have your statement taken.   


2.    Lost Property
After receiving your online report, the police will provide guidance via phone or make an appointment with you if you need a report certificate.


3.    Motor Vehicle Related Theft or Loss


 After receiving your online report, the police will contact you to visit a nearby police station to review the surveillance footages, make a statement and get a police report receipt.


  4.   Complaint
 The Department will start processing the case right after receiving your online report.


Online Police Reporting System of Other Counties and Cities 
         in addition to the Taipei City Police Department’s Online Police Reporting service. You may choose a police station nearest to your residence to report a case. It will help speed up post-report follow ups and processing of the case



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