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​Officer Recovers Old Lady’s Lost Belongings with Greatest Alacrity

    A few days ago, officer Chou, Chi-Ni of the Bo-ai Rd. Police Station, Zhongzheng 1st Precinct, TCPD, was on standby duty from 4pm to 7pm, when she received a report that a local crone needed police assistance as soon as possible. Officer Chou answered the call, and upon arriving at the scene, she found the very distressed Mrs. Feng, who had misplaced her bags on a prior taxi. The old dame was in a state of panic and could but frantically plead with the police for aid; she repeatedly babbled to the police: “I cannot walk so good, please chase after the taxi and retrieve my baggage, for its contents are of utmost importance to me.”
    Worried that Mrs. Feng’s agitated state would get the better of her nerves, officer Chou suggested that they access the CCTV surveillance footage at the police station in order to track the whereabouts of the taxi. Unfortunately however, Mrs. Feng was unable to clearly remember the locations where she’d boarded and alighted the taxi, so officer Chou painstakingly aided in reconstructing the trip using Google Maps, walking the old lady through all possible points of interest. Finally, they were able to clarify the boarding point, whereupon officer Chou reviewed the surveillance footage of that particular location, and succeeded in discerning the taxi’s license plate number. Without delay, she then contacted the taxi driver, who verified to the anxious Mrs. Feng that the tote bag was indeed accounted for. Hearing this, Mrs. Feng breathed a great sigh of relief, and thanked the police for their compassion and meticulous assistance. Officer Chou then reminded Mrs. Feng to pay attention to her personal belongings in the future, imparting upon the old lady how lucky they had been to be able to recover the lost baggage.
   Officer Chou said later that she has always acquired the greatest feeling of achievement whenever she helped citizens solve their problems. She would also like to remind citizens to double check the integrity of all their personal belongings before alighting taxis or other modes of public transportation. The TCPD would also like to notify citizens that in the event of discovering others’ lost or forgotten property, it is advised to bring said items to the nearest police station, so that the goods may be properly returned to their respective owners.