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​TCPD Unveils Nation-First Traffic Citation Online Service

    The TCPD has declared the installment of a brand-new online traffic program that, starting August 17, 2020, will provide citizens access to on-site photographic evidence of various traffic violations. According to the Traffic Division, TCPD, earlier methods of mailing said photos along with their respective traffic citations often resulted in offenders complaining of the inadequate size and resolution of the evidence; therefore, starting August 17, citizens may access the pictures directly on the Traffic Division’s website. The aim of this initiative is to streamline procedures and cut down on the waiting time required for civilians to apply for evidence perusal with the authorities.
    Citizens have two courses of accessing the new online service: one by linking to the “Traffic Violations Service Website (交通違規便民服務網)” through the TCPD Traffic Division’s website, and the other by scanning the QR code enclosed with the mail version of the citation form. After accessing the website, citizens need only fill in the “serial number of the traffic citation”, “plate number of the offending vehicle”, and finally the “verification code” to be able to peruse the photographic evidence of their violation. All traffic violation cases (including speeding, running a red light, civilian reports, etc.) cited after January 1, 2019 and remaining within 3 years of the citation date will be available for perusal.
    In addition, to prevent drivers from unwittingly violating traffic regulations within the same road segment during a short amount of time, the TCPD has also added a “Traffic Violation Messaging Service” to the website, which will be able to notify busy drivers immediately via phone messages of any incurred violation, thereby preventing successive blunders and lowering possible dangers on the move.
    In order to apply for the “Traffic Violation Messaging Service”, civilians and companies may access the TCPD Traffic Division’s Traffic Violations Service Website”, fill in the necessary information (including vehicle license plate number, name of vehicle owner, cellphone number and/or tax ID number), and agree to receiving the messaging service. The application will be authorized after confirmation from the TCPD.
    The TCPD Traffic Division would like to remind citizens that traffic citations exist not to punish the public, but to ensure the safety of road users in Taipei City. Safety and convenience for the public is the key reason behind the installment of the new online service, and citizens can expect more quality-of-life updates in the near future.