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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Long Arm of Law Apprehends Brazen Robbers Within 24 Hours2024-01-18
2Home Security Service Provided by TCPD during 2024 CNY2024-01-15
3New Year’s Eve Traffic Advisory in Maokong Area2023-12-29
4Fraud Alert: Reject Suspicious Contracts2023-12-27
5Minister of Interior Inspected TCPD for Election Preparedness2023-12-08
6TCPD Ramps Up Drunk Driving Crackdowns on E-Scooters2023-11-29
7Immigrant-run Drug-infested Free-for-all for Migrant Workers Busted2023-10-25
8Traffic Advisory for Taipei Nuit Blanche 20232023-10-06
9TCPD Advocates for Hearing Impaired Community2023-10-06
10National Day Holiday Traffic Advisory2023-10-05
11Street Closures for the National Day Celebration Rehearsal2023-10-04
12The Propaganda of 2023 National Disaster Preparedness Day Earthquake Rapid Reporting Drill2023-09-14
13Taipei City Police Officers Make an Effort to Safeguard Children’s Traffic Safety in the School Opening Day on August 302023-08-29
14Shilin Police Impart Personal Safety Know-How on Students of the CCU2023-05-11
15Neihu Precinct Conducts Traffic Enforcement in Cooperation with the Parking Management Measures in Taipei Neihu Technology Park2023-02-20
16Home Security Service Provided by TCPD during 2023 CNY2022-12-30
17FA Police Wield Godly Tech and Save Foreigner Lost in Cemetery2022-11-25
18Police and Public Cooperate to Prevent Despicable Online Scam2022-10-26
19JOIN US : Taipei City Fire Department is Recruiting Volunteer Firefighter Now2022-09-20
20Unveil the Fake Mask of Drug: TCPD Promote Anti-drug in Taipei EXPO2022-09-06