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Four Handy Tips to Ward off Home Intruders

    The police have noticed recent feedback from female university students on social media, expressing their concern over personal safety whilst renting solo apartments. Therefore, in order to prevent social hazards such as stalking, covert photography or sexual harassment from taking place, the TCPD would like to provide the following 4 steps for citizens to ward off potential risks of victimization.
  1. Be Wary of Suspicious Persons and Activities: If taking an elevator home after work, school or a jogging session, you happen to find a stranger or drunk already inside the cabin--- wait for the next elevator instead of sharing a ride. In case of alighting or descending staircases, be wary of foreign footsteps and dark corners; refrain also from smartphone scrolling, lest you be caught unawares by a sudden attack.
  1. Actively Deter Potential Intruders: Hold your keys in your hands before arriving home, as to cut down on time spent fumbling for them at your doorstep. The police have also processed cases where the intruder waited until the exact moment his victim opened his/her apartment door, then dashed in to perpetrate his dastardly deeds before it was closed. Therefore, it is advised for tenants of apartments with electronic locks to keep aware of suspicious persons and close the door immediately after arriving home.
  1. Carry Around Tools of Self-Preservation: It is advised to keep defensive equipment such as buzzers, flashlights, or even umbrellas in easily accessible areas. In cases where strangers deliberately prank press your doorbell for no apparent reason, do not open the door to retaliate, but instead install surveillance cameras and provide the footage to the police to help in crime prosecution.
  1. Stay Vigilant for Potential Traces of Crime: Periodically examine the integrity of the locks on your apartment doors, windows and other points of entry. And it you find suspicious red camera lens flashes inside your room, or if your undergarments have been stolen, make it a top priority to contact the police immediately.
    In closing, the TCPD would like to advise citizens who live alone that in the event of potential stalking, in order to prevent potential safety hazards, do not return home immediately---instead, seek assistance from shops or convenience stores on the way, or call family and friends and even the police to your aid.