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​Warmhearted Officer Recovers Phone for Foreigner in Distress

    Officer Li, Rui-xiang of the Mingyou police station, Songshan Precinct, TCPD, witnessed as a frantic Japanese traveler (Mr. Takada, born 1993) hurried through the station doors at 7 PM, September 13, sputtering in broken Mandarin that he seemed to have forgotten his cellphone on a previous taxi ride.
    Li wasted no time, and immediately recorded Mr. Takada’s statement. According to the distraught traveler, he had been working in Taiwan for over a year, and just that morning, in order to visit a friend, had taken a cab from section 1, Nanjing E. Rd. to the Longjiang Rd. vicinity. It was on this particular ride that Mr. Takada believed that he had misplaced his phone. Eager to retrieve the device, which was imperative for work-related communications, the flustered foreigner happened to stumble upon Mingyou police station, and having no other people to turn to in this foreign land, had decided to throw caution to the winds and seek help from the police.
    Luckily the Chinese-inept Mr. Takada had chanced upon the warmhearted Officer Li, who with great patience and fortitude, reconstructed the taxi ride down to the most minute detail, and further prowled through surveillance camera footage to track down the elusive cab. His meticulous search paid off, and a mere 20 minutes had passed before the license plate number of the taxi was discovered. After contacting the cab driver, it was confirmed that the missing phone was indeed lying there still on the back seat.
    Reunited with his metallic companion, Mr. Takada was immensely relieved, for the phone contained information on numerous business contacts, and had it been forever lost, terrible job-related consequences would have ocurred. Fortunately, he was aided in the search process by the officers of Songshan Precinct, and through this ordeal experienced fully the intricacy and professionalism demonstrated by the Taipei City police force.
    The Songshan Precinct would like to remind citizens of Taipei City that serving the public is one of the core maxims of the police force, and that help will always be provided to anyone who seeks it from local law enforcement. It is the mission of the TCPD to uphold Taipei City as a city of warmth, safety and friendship, and to reassure that the image of a police force of the people, by the people and for the people, shall not perish from the earth.