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NO.TitlePublish Date
21​Police and Bankers Cooperate to Stop Overseas Fraud Attempt2021-04-09
22​Shilin Police Seize 100 Grams of Amphetamines in Epic Raid 2021-03-03
23​Staged Traffic Accident Scams and How to Avoid Them2021-02-19
24​Officer Recovers Old Lady’s Lost Belongings with Greatest Alacrity2021-02-09
25Home Security Service Provided by TCPD during 2021 CNY2021-01-29
26​Neihu Police Enters Communities to Promote Anti-Fraud Know-How2021-01-19
27Heroic Police give Broken Down Bus an Opportune Push2021-01-12
28​Warmhearted Officer helps Home-Quarantined Foreigner Seek Medical Attention Using Zoom App 2020-12-24
29​TCPD Enters Campus and Imparts Safety Know-How to Overseas Students2020-11-24
30​TCPD’s Culturally Diverse Language Classes Promote Grand Vision of “Multilingual Taipei”2020-11-17
31​Foreign Affairs Police Officer Reunites Distraught English Family2020-11-09
32​Handy Tips for Traffic Safety2020-11-05
33​Warmhearted Officer Recovers Phone for Foreigner in Distress2020-10-08
34​Officers and Community Cooperate to Stop Fraud Attempt 2020-09-15
35​TCPD Unveils Nation-First Traffic Citation Online Service2020-08-20
36​Shilin Precinct Advocates Traffic Safety Through Mountaineering Sojourn2020-08-07
37​Wan-an No. 43 Air Raid Drill Notice2020-07-08
38TCPD Promotes Self-Awareness Against Online Sexual Extortion 2020-07-01
39​Vigilant TCPD Officers Stop Intercontinental Love Scam2020-06-19
40​TCPD Officers Crack Neihu Burglary Under 72 Hours; All Stolen Valuables Recovered2020-06-12