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​Handy Tips for Traffic Safety

    It is a well-established fact that awareness of traffic safety and adhering to traffic regulations are two of the most pivotal maxims that govern our everyday lives. Parents often drill in the importance of reading traffic signals and obeying traffic rules to their children; however, the maintenance of a safe traffic environment in Taipei city relies on citizens of all ages. Therefore, the TCPD Women and Children’s Protection Division would like to call the “Handy Tips for Traffic Safety” to your attention.

    These tips work best when memorized and followed by each member of society, and their efficacy is amplified by the common endeavor of all citizens. The “Handy Tips for Traffic Safety” are as follows:
  1. Stop, confirm, look around, wave, then move when encountering a crossing: when reaching a road intersection, one must first stop within the sidewalk boundaries, confirm the disposition of the traffic signal, look around for incoming vehicles (wave in thanks as they stop to allow your passage), then finally stride across the road.
  2. Don’t lower your head or play around when crossing the road, but keep vigilant and refrain from forcing your way through: While crossing an intersection, it is ill-advised to play with your smartphone or engage in any other activity that takes your attention from traffic; one should keep a keen eye on incoming vehicles and cross the street in a safe manner.
  3. Hold hands while crossing the road: If in the company of children while fording an intersection, one must hold their hand and refrain from allowing young children to cross the road by themselves for their safety.
  4. Helmets are mandatory for children on motorcycles, and extra precautions (such as seatbelts and safety seats) must be taken while transporting children in automobiles.
  5. Steer clear of heavy-duty vehicles: Drivers of Heavy-duty vehicles are susceptible to blind spots while driving, so it is advised to keep one’s distance with them if an encounter should happen.
  6. Wear bright clothing on the move to ensure personal safety: It is advised to wear brighter clothing while commuting during the early hours of the day or late at night, for bright colors will better alert vehicle drivers to one’s presence. This tip is especially important to young children and the elderly.
    Safety while on the road should be the concern of every member of society, and rigorous compliance to traffic regulations be observed from a tender age, so as to create a smooth and protective traffic environment. For more information on traffic safety, please visit the TCPD Women and Children’s Protection Division Facebook fanpage “婦幼福佑”.