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​TCPD Enters Campus and Imparts Safety Know-How to Overseas Students

    In light of the recent campus security incident in Tainan, the Taipei City Police Department has revised and enhanced all kinds of campus safety measures in order to provide students with a well-protected learning environment. Commissioner Chen also dispatched related divisions into the Taipei University of Technology (Taipei Tech) to hold a forum on personal safety for overseas students.
    Taipei Tech boasts an international student population of 1,073 persons from 61 countries, including Paraguay, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. President Wang, Xi-Fu has exerted his time and energy into proactive cooperation with the local police, and under his invitation Deputy Commissioner Lu, Chun-Chang of the TCPD led a delegation of officers from the foreign affairs division, criminal investigation division, women and children’s protection division, juvenile affairs division, the control and command center, the public relations office and Da-An precinct into the Taipei Tech campus on November 23, where the “Forum on Personal Safety for Overseas Students” was held. All students and faculty of foreign origin were invited, as well as assistant director Sharon Lin of the NPA international affairs division. The focus of the convention was to brief the students on the various safety measures undertaken by the police, to impart related crime prevention tactics and establish channels of communication and discourse between the authorities and the student body.
    According to Commissioner Chen, campus safety has always been a core project of police work in Taipei City. Foreign students may find it difficult to assimilate into Taiwanese culture owing to the inherent language barrier, and thus needed more care and guidance than Taiwanese students. Therefore, the police have enhanced cooperative measures with universities in Taipei, to strengthen campus security and familiarize students with the concepts of personal safety, and bring about peace and stability to the lives of students and parents alike.
    Addressing the issue of the language barrier, the TCPD showcased a reenactment of the department’s staple “Three-Way Conference Call”, where if a Chinese-inept foreign student dialed 110 to contact the police, first responders could initiate a teleconference involving the Foreign Affairs Police Station, whose legion of English-savvy officers could help with real-time translation of report details and provide top-quality service.
    Deputy president Yang, Chong-Guang of Taipei Tech was also pleased to announce on the forum that a campus safety contract had just been signed between the university and the local Da-An precinct, and he thanked Commissioner Chen and all officers of the TCPD for greatly helping to further enhance campus safety levels.
    The TCPD would also like to advise that when met with hazards toward personal safety, it is paramount to report the case to the police immediately. Maintaining strict standards on conscientiousness, the TCPD will proactively investigate any criminal activity and treat cases with the utmost discretion. Together, through mutual partnership with faculty and the community, the Department aspires to build and provide a powerful web of social security for all citizens of Taipei.