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​Foreign Affairs Police Officer Reunites Distraught English Family

    The TCPD received a report near midnight, November 5, from an English lady, who explained frantically over the phone that after a falling out that she had had with her daughter at 3 PM the previous day, the younger woman had bluntly refused to come home and severed all contacts. Waiting late into the night to no avail, the distressed mother turned to the authorities for help. In order to diffuse the language barrier and provide optimal assistance in her native tongue, officers of the Foreign Affairs Police Station (FAPS) were called into a conference call initiated by first responders to help with translation.
    Officer Yeh, Yi-Hang of the FAPS acted immediately after understanding the lady’s plight, directing her to the nearest police station to conduct an emergency missing persons’ search and relief operation. Through his efforts, the location of the cell site from where the daughter had made her last phone call was determined, and all precincts were notified to search for the missing girl in the vicinity.
    The police combed the streets all through the night without success, but when the FAPS contacted the English dame in the early morning of November 5 to notify her of the case’s progression, they were presently surprised to learn that the daughter had returned home on her own shortly before dawn. Officers were sent to their abode to verify the safety of the young girl, and while there they used the opportunity to school her on tips and advice pertaining to personal safety and self-protection. The incident thus concluded, the immensely-relieved mother sent a text message to the police, thanking them for their efforts.
    Personal safety of foreigners in Taiwan has always been a pillar of the TCPD’s policing policy, and the department would like to reaffirm their resolve to build a better, safer and friendlier social environment for all citizens. In addition, the National Police Agency (NPA) has unveiled plans to release an English version of their Police Services App, which will provide easy access to law enforcement and enhanced measures to safeguard the safety of foreign nationals all over Taiwan.