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​Police and Bankers Cooperate to Stop Overseas Fraud Attempt

   Officers Lin, Zhe-Yu and Zhou, Chun-Gu of Dongshe police station, Songshan Precinct, TCPD were on patrol duty when they received a call from a local bank employee, stating that they needed police assistance for a potential case of fraud. The duo headed immediately to the scene, where they found a Mr. Huang (born 1960), who was in the process of wiring more than 300,000 NT Dollars to an overseas account.
    Interviewing the man, the officers uncovered that he was a night-shift security guard, who had made the acquaintance of a mysterious American lady by the name of K○M L○E 6 months ago on Facebook. They had instant chemistry, and Mr. Huang soon began infatuated with her. Ms. L○E then laid out that she had yet to settle a immense debt of 10 million dollars, and wished to burrow a sum of 300,000 dollars from Huang as working capital. She instructed Mr. Huang to transfer the money to an overseas account, which the unsuspecting man dutifully proceeded to attempt to carry out.
    Officers Zhou and Lin were immediately suspicious of such a sequence of events, and after perusing the records of their conversation on Mr. Huang’s phone, they determined it to be a case of fraud. Comforting the distraught security guard on one hand, they informed him that this was a classic “Nigerian Prince” scam, and brought up past cases to further their point. Mr. Huang was eventually convinced of the sheer shamelessness of this fraudulent scheme, and halted the transaction; he thanked the Songshan Precinct police for their timely aid in saving his savings and stopping a maleficent ploy in its nefarious wake.
    The Songshan Precinct would like to advise citizens to be wary of similar “Nigerian Prince” Scams, and the importance of remaining calm and collected when met with cases of the like. The mantra of the “Three Takes: Take it slow, Take it calm, Take it with a grain of salt” also comes to mind, for thorough verification of the facts is the key to stopping like crimes. The public is also strongly advised to dial the 165 Anti-Fraud Hotline if encountering any fraud-related suspicions.