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​Neihu Police Enters Communities to Promote Anti-Fraud Know-How

    With the approach of the Lunar New Year, the Neihu precinct, TCPD, has launched a series of initiatives aimed at protecting civilian livelihoods and property during the upcoming holiday season. Starting January 15, 2021, officers led by the precinct chief and his deputies conducted visits into various boroughs to implement anti-fraud promotions, with the goal of enlightening civilians on defensive measures against the latest methods employed by scamming rings, which include identity fraud and fake prosecutions fraud among others.
    In order to strengthen the intensity of the promotions, the Neihu precinct combed every village in its jurisdiction, educating each and every individual on the dangers of fraud; the elderly and easily susceptible villagers were told to call 165 or 110 at the first sign of suspicious activity. In addition, the precinct also advocated the “home security service” provided by the police for the duration of the Lunar New Year holiday season, where the precinct will perform extensive patrols around households while its residents are travelling afar. And last but not least, “cash guarding” services will be offered at local police stations eligible for application. It is advised that citizens take advantage of these services to further enhance the security of related holiday activities.
    The Neihu Precinct aims to visit all 39 villages under its jurisdiction, and plans to further advocate all aspects of criminal fraud prevention; the goal being to sow the seeds of anti-fraud awareness in every single community, so as to realize the ideal of a lively and safe Neihu District.