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​Officers Recover Foreign Teacher’s Passport at Eleventh Hour

    Officer Wu, Yu-Ren of the Lanya Police Station, Shilin Precinct, TCPD was on domestic duty from 9 to 12 o’clock some days ago, when somewhere around 11, he spotted a foreign male pacing anxiously outside the station doors. Sensing something amiss with said foreigner, officer Wu went forth and offered his assistance should it be necessary.
   The man laid plain that he was a Bengalese teacher working in Taiwan as a school lecturer, and whilst taking a taxi earlier that morning, seemed to have left his personal belongings, including his passport, on the vehicle seats by mistake. As he had to board a plane toward another teaching post in the USA by the next morning, he was terribly distressed by the whole misadventure.
   Officer Wu first endeavored to calm the foreigner’s nerves, then had him recount in detail the taxi route and his exact locations of embarkment and alighting. Next, Wu cross-referenced this information with the local CCTV surveillance system, and successfully identified the license plate of the taxi in question. A quick call to the driver revealed that the lost items were indeed still lying intact on the vehicle, and it was arranged for the driver to bring them to the police station at the earliest possible moment.
  The Bengalese teacher was thoroughly impressed and grateful for officer Wu’s timely assistance, and praised the Taiwanese police force for their high efficiency and cordial attitude.
   The Shilin Precinct would like to advise that whilst taking taxi rides in Taipei City, it would be prudent for citizens to note the taxi driver’s name as well as the vehicle’s license plate, and repeatedly check their belongings before alighting the service, so as to prevent a grievous loss of personal property.