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​Busting Prostitution Rings Amid Covid Epidemic Crisis

    With the advent of the current Covid-19 epidemic, the Taipei City Government has mandated a full-scale lockdown of entertainment establishments all over Taipei City, and has moreover outlawed indoor gatherings of up to 5 persons as well as outdoor congregations of over 10 people. However, there are still erotic massage businesses who attempt to evade lockdown by moving services off-site and into rental apartments or motels, thereby creating the illusion of closure and befuddling police forces. In order to prevent prostitutes and their patrons from becoming unwitting spreaders of the Covid-19 virus, the Zhongshan Precinct, TCPD has established a special task force with the sole mission of uncovering hidden prostitution rings and cracking down on clandestine erotic operations.
    At 5:00 in the evening of June 8, the Mingchuan 1st police station received reports from citizens that a motel on sec.2, Xinsheng road was supposedly harboring displaced erotic masseuses. Raiding the facility, the police apprehended escorts Ms. Zhou (born 1992) and Ms.Lu (Born 2002), along with patrons Mr. Xie (born 1961) and Mr. Gong (born 1975), who were in the act of soliciting 2,500 to 3,000 NT dollar hand jobs from the women. In an adjacent room, a Ms. Chiang (born 1999) was found in the possession of Marijuana, with the intent to huff the substance. Officers on site conducted the arrests with the highest order of anti-epidemic procedures, including the usage of forehead thermometers, masks, gloves, protective visors and clothing, and finally alcohol spray. The five suspects were questioned as to whether they had symptoms of fever or coughing, and after interrogation were all referred to the prosecutors’ office on charges of violating the Social Order Maintenance Act and the Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act.
    The Zhongshan Precinct and the TCPD will continue to investigate potential drug sources, and crack down on any erotic entrepreneurs attempting to conduct illegal operations under lockdown. Related industry owners are advised to not overstep the law, and cooperate with the government’s anti-epidemic measures, so as to ensure the country’s swift recovery from the current epidemic crisis.