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​Police Nab Gun-Slinging Fiends in Grand Display of Law Enforcement Determination

  Gunshots shattered the tranquil silence in the wee hours of dawn, February 12, at the Sec. 1, Nangang and Jingmao Roads intersection. Three goons surnamed Wu, Huang and Chen were immediately identified by the Nangang Precinct police, who wasted no time in apprehending two out of the three suspects; corralling and transferring them to the District Prosecutors’ Office that same afternoon. The prosecutor in charge of the case then ordered an extensive search on all possible whereabouts of the remaining suspect at large, Mr.Chen, who had absconded the scene in fear.
  A joint task force comprised of members from the TCPD criminal investigation division and Nangang Precinct was then established to track Chen down, analyzing the miscreant’s past criminal records and all possible escape routes. The location of Chen’s living quarters was thus summarily uncovered, and in the night of February 16, four days after the shooting, the authorities showed up on Chen’s doorstep, armed with a search warrant issued from prosecution.
  Caught unawares, Chen (born 2010) was arrested in his New Taipei City residence, and a raid on his rooms revealed that the lowlife had converted his chambers into a makeshift arsenal, holding up to four firearms and ammunitions of various caliber. After a short declaration of his rights, Chen was transferred to the Prosecutors’ Office on charges of violating the Controlling Guns, Ammunition and Knives Act.
  In the wake of this commendable bust, the TCPD would like to reiterate its unwavering stance against all forms of violence, and that all precincts under its jurisdiction will be on the watch 24/7 for any sign of organized criminal activity, to which there can be only one answer: vigorous and relentless crackdowns with the sole goal of bringing peace, justice and security to all communities and citizens in Taipei City.