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Traffic Control Measures for 2022 Tapiei Expo

  The 2022 Tapiei Expo will be held at Taipei EXPO Park-EXPO Dome (No.1, Yumen St.) and nearby squares from August 27 to September 11, 2022. It is expected to attract a great number of citizens to the venue. In order to maintain traffic order and safeguard civilian safety during the event, the TCPD will be implementing the following traffic control measures:
1. For roads surrounding the venue:
  During the event, TCPD will strengthen traffic control and ban illegal parking in Zhongshan N. Rd, Minzu W. Rd, Chengde Rd and Kulun St. Moreover, the Taipei EXPO Park parking garage will start control measures if it is full.
2.For big buses pick-up area:
  The Pick-up Areas in Yumen St.(reserved groups) and Kulun St ( non- reserved groups) will provide for visiting groups for shuttle. The buses should pull out as soon as the passengers get on or off. TCPD will strengthen traffic control and ban illegal parking near the areas mentioned above.
  Drivers should drive slowly and carefully while passing through these areas. Due to limited parking space, TCPD recommends that citizens take public transportation and walk to event venue. Moreover, the exit 1 of Yuanshan Station is the best and most convenient route to use.
  For more traffic information of this event, you can browse the webpage of The 2022 Tapiei Expo or Department of Transportation,Taipei City Government. Also, drivers can listen to the Police Broadcasting Service to get the timely road condition and should abide by the traffic directing of the police and volunteer police. Let’s jointly keep the traffic safe and orderly.