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​Heroic Officers Save Suicidal Lady from Watery Demise

  Officers Zhu-Ang Hsu and Yo-Ren Huang of Songshan Police Station, Songshan Precinct, TCPD, were dispatched immediately to the Rainbow Bridge in Songshan district following a report from civilians that shouts of distress could be heard from the vicinity.
  Upon arriving at the scene, the officers found a young woman (Surnamed Chen, born 1994) floating haphazardly on the surface of the Keelung River, as passers-by cried out for help from the banks. Understanding the dire urgency of the situation, the police rushed to throw out floats and clambered down the railings in the waning light of day; all the while calling out for Ms. Chen to hold onto the buoy. Fortunately, their attempt was successful, and Ms. Chen was able to latch onto the life-saving device and paddle toward the shore, where the officers and civilians pulled her onto dry land. Medics on the scene patched up her wounds, and confirmed her life signs to be verily stable, thus concluding the operation on a reassuring note.
  Ms. Chen was in hysterics following her rescue onto terra firma however, and the officers did their best to calm her spirits, aside from contacting her family. Her sanity temporarily restored, Ms. Chen finally opened up about the reasons behind her misadventure: destitute after a violent row with members of her household, she had planned to commit suicide by diving into the Keelung River after slitting her throat with a box cutter. In order to further secure her well-being, officers Hsu and Huang opted to send her to the hospital for intensive care.
  As per regulation, the police also reported the incident to the Center of Suicide Prevention, and asked Chen’s immediate family to help keep an eye out for her mental as well as bodily health, so as to prevent future incidents of misfortune. Chen’s parents repeatedly thanked the Songshan Precinct for their timely rescue of their daughter’s life.
  The TCPD would like to call upon citizens of Taipei City to take ample care of their relatives’ mental health as well as their own, and that there are always social resources dedicated to the care and protection of mentally unstable individuals. If one should encounter such problems, they are always welcome to dial 1995 for the Lifesaving hotline, or 1925 for Reassurance services. Psychological counselors are posted there around the clock to provide their professional assistance to any that require them.