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​TCPD Strengthens Traffic Control Measures in Preparation for Chinese New Year

    With the advent of the coming Chinese New Year festival season, markets, retailers and department stores all over Taipei City are seeing significant surges in consumer numbers. In order to ensure public traffic safety and maintain an orderly environment for all road users, the TCPD has implemented numerous traffic control measures by cooperating with the Taipei City Traffic Engineering Office (TCTEO) to map out the busiest road sections in the city. In the month preceding the New Year holidays (i.e. Jan. 3 to Jan. 28), the TCPD will carry out traffic control duties on the aforementioned road sections and 100 other important intersections, prolonging regulation periods by 30 minutes every week. Police and volunteers will strictly enforce “Clean-Swept Intersections” and “Zero Tolerance for Illegal Parking” directives during said periods.
    In addition, to follow real-time situations on highways and bridges, and potentially cutting down on processing time for accidents, the TCPD will, aside from assigning mobile traffic teams to monitor busy thoroughfares throughout the city, also stock portable gasoline cannisters, to give unfortunate vehicles a leg up to the nearest gas depot, thus cutting down on possible traffic blockages caused by gas exhaustion.
    Finally, the TCPD would also like to advise consumers to take public transportation toward their CNY shopping and support a green environment. Should one insist on driving their own vehicle, it is advised to stay vigilant of the busy road situations around this time period, to comply fully with on-the-scene traffic police and volunteers and lastly to keep in mind: “A patient driver is a safe driver" . The TCPD wishes you all a happy and safe New Year shopping spree.