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​Bank Teller and Police Cooperate to Prevent Dastardly Online Scam

    Officers Guan-Ting Liu and Yun-Hui Hong of the Xinlong Police Station, Wenshan 2nd Precinct, TCPD, were on patrol duty some days ago when they received reports from the local Taipei Fubon Bank about an undergoing case of potential bank transfer scam: a certain Ms. Liu was at the premises, seeking to transfer a huge sum of 280,000 NT dollars under suspicious circumstances. The officers arrived at the scene immediately, and with the help of the meticulous bank tellers, successfully intervened to halt this unscrupulous swindling attempt, thus safeguarding Ms. Liu’s hard-earned savings.
    Conducting interviews on the scene, the police learned that Ms. Liu had been acquainted with a mysterious persona on an online dating platform. After hitting it off initially, the acquaintance boasted about his immensely lucrative ventures in the cryptocurrency market, sufficiently intriguing Ms. Liu. Eager to boost her income during the economic lull brought about by the COVID pandemic, Liu was easily convinced to wire 280,000 NT dollars into the acquaintance’s bank account as a preliminary investment. Fortunately, the vigilant clerks at Fubon Bank saw through this deception, and contacted the police immediately.
    Fully grasping the situation, the two officers deduced this to be a case of internet scam. They brought up multiple previous cases of citizens falling victim to fake investment scams during the pandemic, and finally convinced Ms. Liu of her precarious situation. Enlightened by their information, Liu promptly stopped the transaction, and expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the Bank and the police for preventing what could have been a financial disaster of tremendous proportion.
   The Wenshan 2nd Precinct would like to advise the public that owing to the immeasurable damage that monetary scams pose to individual property, citizens must stay vigilant and be aware of the rapidly evolving schemes online scammers devise. In the event of receiving suspicious fraud-like messages, it is paramount that one first dial the NPA’s Anti-Fraud Hotline at 165 to effectuate police scrutiny and prevent potential scams. The TCPD will also continue to cooperate closely with banking institutions in Taipei City in order to nip any such nefarious fraud schemes in its poison-laden bud.