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Unveil the Fake Mask of Drug: TCPD Promote Anti-drug in Taipei EXPO

        Anti-drug is one of the most important tasks of the government. Recently, the types of the drugs are more various and novel. Moreover, there are increasing teenagers attracted by peers, curiosity and colorful packages addicted to the drugs. Hence, the drugs deeply penetrate into our campus and society. To prevent this kind of situation from worsening, the Mobile Division of TCPD set the mobile police station in the venue of Taipei EXPO during 27 August to 11 September to disseminate the harm of the drug to the physical health and enhance the citizens’ consciousness about self-protection and drug abuse prevention.
        The Mobile Division of TCPD reminds that the recent New Psychoactive Substances(NPS) are various and often disguised as coffee bags printed cartoon or novel figures in their packages, chocolate, candy, cookies, stamps and so on to pique teenagers’ curiosity and take them. To avoid the latent danger mentioned above, the Mobile Division of TCPD provides the following four steps:
1.Don't carelessly accept the unsealed beverages or drink given by strangers.
2.Don't eat or take any unidentified or strange product, medicine or beverages.
3.Don't accept any free sample of beverages, instant packs and cigarettes from
4.Do stay vigilant and let your drink always in your sight.
        Besides, TCPD claims that parents should pay attention to the condition of their children at any time. If the children become absent-minded and glassy-eyed or the unknown white powder and odor is found or smelled in the room, it will likely be the sign of drug abuse. Parents can dial the free and 24-hour hotline of the Drug Abuse Prevention Center (0800-770-885) to get professional consultation and rehabilitation service.