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Police and Public Cooperate to Prevent Despicable Online Scam

    Officer Wang Rui-Wen and Zhuang Wen-Yu of the Xinlong Police Station, Wenshan 2nd Precinct, TCPD, received reports from the local convenience store clerk about an undergoing case of potential scam: a certain Ms. Lee was at the premises, seeking to purchase virtual game points worth 19,000 NT dollars under suspicious circumstances. Thanks to the vigilant clerk, Ms. Fang, who contacted the police immediately, the officers were able to arrive at the scene immediately and successfully intervene to halt this unscrupulous swindling attempt, thereby safeguarding Ms. Lee’s hard-earned savings.

   Conducting interviews on the scene, the police learned that Ms. Lee had been acquainted with a self-proclaimed PR manager of a bar whilst online. After hitting it off initially, the “manager” asked Ms. Lee to purchase virtual game points worth 19,000 NT dollars and transfer the transaction photos to him in exchange for a personal meeting offline.


   Fully grasping the situation at hand, the two officers deduced this to be a standard case of dating scam and tried to persuade a dubious Ms. Lee from falling victim. They informed her that any self-respecting PR manager would be able to provide the address to his own bar, its telephone number and other relevant information. The officers also enlightened her to the nefarious implications of extorting game points to facilitate a supposedly benign meeting. Finally convinced, Ms. Lee realized her folly, and expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the police for their help. The police also schooled Lee on relevant anti-fraud guides and consulting channels. After all, the more verification sought, the stronger personal assets are protected.
   The Wenshan 2nd Precinct, TCPD, would like to advise the public that owing to the rapidly evolving schemes online scammers devise, citizens must stay vigilant when receiving any suspicious fraud-like messages or phone calls that ask for personal accounts’ information, financial transactions and ATM handling, all of which are common defrauding tactics. If faced with any problems relating to fraud, please dial the165 or 110 hotlines for professional consultation.