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NO.TitlePublish Date
1​Officers and Community Cooperate to Stop Fraud Attempt 2020-09-15
2​TCPD Unveils Nation-First Traffic Citation Online Service2020-08-20
3​Shilin Precinct Advocates Traffic Safety Through Mountaineering Sojourn2020-08-07
4​Wan-an No. 43 Air Raid Drill Notice2020-07-08
5TCPD Promotes Self-Awareness Against Online Sexual Extortion 2020-07-01
6​Vigilant TCPD Officers Stop Intercontinental Love Scam2020-06-19
7​TCPD Officers Crack Neihu Burglary Under 72 Hours; All Stolen Valuables Recovered2020-06-12
8​TCPD Traffic Division Directs Short Film to Promote Pedestrian Safety2020-05-27
9TCPD Advocates Anti-Domestic Violence with Immigrant Families on Mothers’ Day 2020-05-13
10​TCPD Apprehends Spreader of COVID-19 Related Rumor2020-05-07
11​TCPD Officer’s Swift Pandemic Response Earns Accolades2020-04-24
12​​Online Methods Promoted for Criminal Record Certificate Application During Coronavirus Pandemic 2020-04-10
13Foreign Affairs Police Reunite Japanese Tourists2020-02-06
14Home Security Service Provided by TCPD during 2020 CNY2019-12-25
15Korean Traffic Law Enforcers Visit the TCPD2019-12-05
16Officers Stop Telecom Fraud and Save Old Lady’s Savings2019-11-14
17Police Promote Anti-Drug Directives among Juveniles2019-10-23
18TCPD busts 3 Violent Syndicates in Gang Crackdown Initiative2019-09-12
19Longshan Police Station Established to Concentrate Police Forces2019-07-17
20TCPD Displays Hardened Determination to Combat Organized Crime2019-07-01