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Long Arm of Law Apprehends Brazen Robbers Within 24 Hours

On January 9, 2024, at approximately 11:30 AM, a female fell victim to two assailants who forcefully snatched her backpack on Section 1, Chongqing South Road, resulting in a loss of 2.3 million New Taiwan Dollars. Upon receiving the report, the precinct launched an overnight investigation, successfully identifying and arresting the suspects within 24 hours. The case has been referred to the Taipei District Prosecutor's Office for further inquiry.

When Ms. Huang, the victim, was passing through the intersection of Chongqing South Road and Hankou Street at around 11:30 AM on the January 9, 2024, she was ambushed by Mr. Sun and Mr. Tsai, who adroitly snatched her shoulder bag from behind. Soon after seizing the bag, the two swiftly made their getaway in a taxi. The local precinct promptly formed a task force and sought the guidance of a prosecutor from the Taipei District Prosecutor's Office. Reviewing surveillance footage along the route, the task force identified the two disembarking in the Sanchong District, where they separated and utilized different transportations in an attempt to evade police pursuit. Through meticulous examination of footage and tracking the vehicles, the suspects were pinpointed to concealed locations in Sanchong and Zhonghe. After a nightlong police stakeout, Sun and Tsai were successfully apprehended. Evidence including a sum of 287,000 New Taiwan Dollars in confiscated funds, clothing worn during the crime, such as jackets and jeans, a baseball cap, and mobile phones, were all seized. Following the interrogation, the entire case, involving charges of robbery under the Criminal Code, was transferred to the Taiwan Taipei District Prosecutor's Office, with a request for detention.

The TCPD urges the public that there is no holiday for crimes, and those contemplating criminal acts should abandon their criminogenic minds. Additionally, citizens are reminded to seek police escort when withdrawing substantial amounts of money and exercise heightened awareness regarding personal belongings and suspicious individuals in their vicinity, thus safeguarding their own security.