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TCPD Ramps Up Drunk Driving Crackdowns on E-Scooters

After consuming rice wine outside of the Taipei Train Station, Mr. Xie, an E- scooter rider, thought that the DUI enforcement police officers wouldn't stop such vehicles. He then recklessly rode his E-scooter and even ran a red light at the intersection of Zhongshan North Road and Civic Boulevard. Unfortunately, he ran his E-scooter into a motorcyclist traveling from west to east, causing both parties to fall. A few minutes later, when the police officers arrived, Mr. Xie, who emitted the odor of alcohol on his breath and displayed signs of inebriation, was asked by the officers to take a breathalyzer test. It turned out that his test result reached a high of 0.54mg/L. Eventually, the officers not only promptly issued citations but also, under suspicion of offense against public safety, took Mr. Xie to the police station for further investigation and legal proceedings in accordance with the Criminal Code.


Despite the overwhelming popularity in Taiwan, E-scooters are still prohibited on roads. Regulations governing their usage must be enacted by local governments before they can be ridden on designated routes. Presently, in Taipei City, E-scooters are not permitted on roads and can only be used in non-road zones such as parks, squares, private, or enclosed spaces. Violators may face fines ranging from NT$1,200 to NT$3,600. In the case of drunk driving, based on Article 73, Section 2 of the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act, fines starting from NT$1,200 to NT$2,400 may apply.


During sudden drops in temperature, Taiwanese tend to enjoy alcohol-infused cuisines such as ginger duck. TCPD urges caution that, regardless the alcohol content in one’s meal, one must not risk driving vehicles or using any personal traffic device under the influence. It is strongly advised to abide by the principle of “never drink and drive.” Please take taxis, hire designated drivers, or use public transportation when returning home after consuming alcohol. TCPD continues to intensify enforcement on drunk driving, emphasizing a zero tolerance policy.