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Minister of Interior Inspected TCPD for Election Preparedness

With less than forty days left until the pivotal presidential election, Minister Lin, Yu-chang, Minister of Interior, visited the Taipei City Police Department, receiving a briefing from Commissioner Chang, Jung-hsin while also acknowledging and encouraging the hard work of the police officers in combating crime and maintaining public order.


During the briefing, Commissioner Chang reported on the measures of election security, anti-corruption, and anti-violence, outlining the preparedness ahead of the election day and after, along with the arrangements of equipment and police deployment. He emphasized the vigilant efforts to counter bribery, disinformation, gambling, and foreign interference in the elections. Commissioner Chang further highlighted the notable achievements in crimes investigation, gang prevention, drug seizures, fraud investigation, scam awareness, and the interception of proceeds of fraudulent activities, all earning the city the top rank among the six municipalities in terms of stable public security. He emphasized the commitment of all TCPD officers to craft a salubrious neighborhood.


After the briefing from Commissioner Chang, Minister Lin instructed that TCPD, with its jurisdiction covering the political and economic capital of Taiwan, has the most challenging and demanding police duties. He then praised the commendable performance across various responsibilities and emphasized the paramount importance of ensuring a secure and fair election. Besides, he directed special attention towards tackling misinformation, foreign interference, and election gambling, emphasizing thorough investigation. Regarding the safety of candidates, every effort should be made to ensure their protection without any oversight. The Minister stressed the far-reaching impact of this election on Taiwan's democratic development, highlighting the need for unwavering dedication until the last moment of the election.


Additionally, Minister Lin strictly warned against any activities organized by gangs in any form especially when year-end banquets and festive gatherings begin to take place. The police force was urged to staunchly suppress such activities to ensure an untainted pre-election security.


Last but not least, Minister Lin expressed that the safety and welfare of officers have always been his top concerns. Since taking office, he has actively advocated for enhanced police benefits, such as an increase in the long-overdue police duty allowances and procurement of advanced police equipment. He reiterated his full support for the police to enforce the law strictly. Again, Minister Lin expressed his expectations for TCPD, led by Commissioner Chang, to exemplify the professionalism of the capital's finest police team, aiming to achieve the overarching goals of “peace before voting, a smooth voting day, and post-election stability.”