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Taipei City Police Officers Make an Effort to Safeguard Children’s Traffic Safety in the School Opening Day on August 30

  August 30, 2023 was the opening day of the first semester of the 112th school year for elementary and junior high schools in Taipei City. To avoid the traffic impact caused by the increase in the number of people and vehicles around the school district before and after 7:30 a.m. that is the rush hour for parents to pick up and drop off their children, the Taipei City Police Department has already planned several  traffic dispersion measures near the entrances of the schools, the parent pick-up and drop-off areas, and the important intersections. Additionally, TCPD will also dispatch police officers to perform traffic guidance, check road condition and outlaw illegal parking. It is estimated that 191 traffic guidance posts (198 police officers and 2 volunteer traffic officers) are scheduled.


  The Taipei City Police Department urges parents to leave home early if they need to drive their children to and from school in order to avoid crowds and delays. In addition, parents who wish to accompany their children to the school campus should park their vehicles in legal parking spaces instead of parking illegally or in parallel, so as not to cause safety concerns for other students and traffic congestion. What’s more, we recommend that people listen to the Police Broadcasting Service (PBS) to get instant road conditions. In the event of a large number of vehicles or localized congestion, please be patient and cooperate with the police officers on duty in order to direct and guide them, so as to jointly maintain a smooth flow of traffic in the city.