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DEP Announces CNY Trash Pickup Schedule Adjustments, End-of-the-Year Citywide Cleanup Campaign

Trash Pickup ScheduleThe Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) published the schedule for trash collection during the upcoming 2019 Chinese New Year (CNY) period on December 26.
According to the schedule, while garbage pickup is usually not available on Sundays, the agency will make pickup service available on the day before Chinese New Year’s Eve (Sunday, February 3) since people are likely to bring out trash before they leave on vacation for the CNY long holiday.
For Chinese New Year’s Eve, the agency will offer two pickup slots – one in the afternoon and one at night. Garbage collection service will be suspended between the first day and the third day of CNY. Regular trash, kitchen waste, and recycled material collection will resume on the fourth day of CNY. Oversized waste pickup will resume on the fifth day of CNY. Trash collection is not available on the sixth day of CNY, which is a Sunday.
To welcome 2019, DEP has designated December 28, 2018 through January 27, 2019 as the End-of-the-year Cleanup Month. The agency calls upon the public to clean up their homes and surroundings. To help residents with the disposal of old furniture, appliances, and oversized waste, they are welcome to call DEP to schedule free pickup visits ahead of time.
For waste comprising complex parts such as motorcycle helmets, umbrellas, trophies, and suitcases (2 pieces max.), DEP offers residents free disposal without the need of designated trash bags. These items, as well as mops, flag poles, cloth-hanger poles, and brooms, can be handed directly to trash collection personnel when the garbage truck make their rounds. For those throwing away 3 suitcases or more, please contact the cleaning teams directly to schedule pickup time.
In addition, DEP offers trash collection stations at 35 locations across the city. For those who need to dispose of trash during the CNY holiday but cannot meet the designated time can visit any one of the stations between 6 AM and 11 PM. For more information, please visit the Chinese website of the agency (http://www.dep.gov.taipei)