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City to Allow Parking on Yellow/Red Lines near Levees Gates ahead of Approaching Typhoon

Taipei city government With the anticipated arrival of Typhoon LEKIMA and the possible closing of evacuation gates in parts of Zhongshan, Songshan, Shilin, Wanhua, and Datong districts, the city government announced that vehicles will be permitted to park on yellow and red lines on streets with width exceeding 8 meters in the vicinity of levees starting 8 AM on August 8. This measure seeks to accommodate the parking needs of vehicles leaving the riverside parking lots.

Furthermore, collection of roadside parking fees will be temporarily suspended for the affected locations. The parameters of these areas are listed below:

1. Songshan District
i. Binjiang Street (east of Dajia Elementary School)
ii. Fuyuan Street (between Tayou Street and Binjiang Street)
iii. Tayou Street (between Minquan E. Road and Fuyuan Street)
iv. East of Sanmin Road (between Minquan E. Road and Jiankang Road); West of Tayou Road (between Minquan E. Road and Jiankang Road); South of Miquan E. Road (between Tayou Street and Sanmin Road, but not the two aforementioned roads); and north of Jiankang Road (between Sanmin Road and Tayou Road).
2. Zhongshan District: Jihu Road (between Tiding Boulevard and Lequn 1st Road) including Jihu Road Lanes 112, 120, 145, 151, 157, and 166
3. Shilin District
i. The area north of Zhongzheng Road (between Tonghe W. Street and Huanghe N. Road, but excluding the two aforementioned streets)
ii. The area west of Chengde Road Sec. 4, Sec. 5 (between Chengde Bridge and Jihe Road)
4. Wanhua District: West of Kangding Road, West of Wanda Road (between Bangka Boulevard and Xizang Road), south of Xizang Road (between Wanda Road and Zhonghua Road), and west of Zhonghua Road Sec. 2 (between Xizang Road and Shuiyuan Road). Within the affected areas: Shuiyuan Expressway (excluded); Huanhe S. Road Sec.1 and 3 (excluded); Huanhe S. Road Sec. 2 (excluding the section between Huanhe S. Road Sec. 3 and Xizang Road); Huanhe Expressway (excluded); Wanda Road (excluding Dongyuan Street to Xin No. 3 Evacuation Gate)
5. Datong District: South of Liangzhou Street (between Huanhe N. Road and Yanping N. Road); north of Civic Boulevard (between Huanhe N. Road and Yanping N. Road, but excluding the boulevard itself); west of Yanping N. Road (between Civic Boulevard and Liangzhou Street); and east of Huanhe N. Road (between Civic Boulevard and Liangzhou Street, but only the eastside of the road – northbound lane side – allows yellow/red line parking)
The Department of Transportation reminds drivers to park their cars in the same direction as traffic and to leave enough room for other vehicles to pass by unhindered. Parallel parking is prohibited to ensure space for access of emergency response vehicles. Temporary parking is still prohibited at places such as intersections, bus stops, next to fire hydrants, fire engine access roads, tunnels, bridges, traffic circles, pedestrian walkways, pedestrian crossings, fast lane, underpasses, overpasses, and locations which may hinder other vehicles and pedestrians. All related regulation still apply to taxi stands and reserved parking squares. For roadside parking spaces which bans temporary parking at specific hours, the no-parking hours will be lifted during the typhoon period.

The agency will notify the public regarding the cancellation of permission to park on yellow/red lines pending weather conditions, and the public should pay attention to online media or radio broadcast for related announcement. For questions, please contact city hall (TEL: 02-2759-0666, ext. 6401~6406).