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Topping out Ceremony for Guoshun Park

Topping out Ceremony for Guoshun ParkOn October 8, Mayor Ko Wen-je presided over the topping out ceremony for the new Guoshun Park in Datong District. He remarked that the construction of the park is a milestone and start of the district’s revitalization drive.
During his address, Ko referred to statistics gathered from all 12 administrative district, showing that on average the residents of Datong District enjoyed the least green area-per-individual ratio in Taipei. Therefore, the district has been assigned top priority on the list of new park construction.
The original plan for building a park at the site was drafted in 2001, but the city government did not take step to expropriate the land due to the NT$600 million price tag. Citing a conversation with local borough chief Chen Ying-hui at the beginning of his administration, she convinced him to implement the project as soon as possible because land prices would rise even further in the future. He agreed that steps should be taken.
He recalled that after he reviewed city government’s plans, the only two boroughs that lacked a comprehensive urban development plan are Guoshun Borough and Shunxing Borough. Therefore, to convince locals that the government is serious about urban renovation, it has to start with some projects to win their trust. People believe what they can see with their own eyes.
With this in mind, he decided to use this project as a start. He also took the opportunity to express his gratitude for the support of city councilors from the neighborhood, making way for the creation of the new park.
The whole process also involved 15 information sessions, before actual construction work began to take in the opinions of locals. Through the information exchange, the theme of rice culture was incorporated into the design, due to the importance of the neighborhood as a historical hub of rice cuisines. It was also decided to preserve as much of the original appearance of the surrounding, minimize the relocation of trees, and to use the bricks collected from the dismantling process to build a low arch wall.