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Foreign College Intern Program to Boost English Education at Local Schools

Foreign College Intern Program to Boost English Education at Local SchoolsThe first group of foreign college interns has arrived in Taipei on August 21! The hiring of these talents is part of the Taipei City Long-term Implementation of Global Education Program ratified by the Department of Education earlier this year.
In the interest of strengthening foreign language education and the vision of “borderless” school campuses to nurture talents of tomorrow, the city established six public experimental bilingual schools and became the first in the nation to implement a US-Taiwan dual-curriculum high school diploma program.
The current intern program involves the agency signing an agreement with US colleges and universities, bringing English native speakers to teach at 18 local elementary and middle schools from August 30 through December 31. The foreign interns will work with local teachers to conduct classes in English reading, games, theatrics, and other areas of diversity learning.
For the foreign language interns, supervising professors at the University of Taipei are appointed to assist them on the internship. The interns are also required to attend instruction classes at the university on a regular basis for discussions with their supervising professors. The university’s English department also connects the intern with other students to collaborate on language and cultural exchanges, as well as assistance on diverse issues in daily life. The program also consists of monthly activities introducing the interns to culture, history, traditional arts, and leisure activities in Taiwan.
According to Education Commissioner Tseng Tsan-chin, the city government has invested over NT$100 million into the field of international education to nurture future talents with global visions and encourages faculty and students to go abroad to conduct exchanges, as well as transform the city into a learning base for international students.