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2019 Neihu Strawberry Festival Starts on March 9!

Sweet Strawberries and Cool Prizes Galore!
*The 2019 Neihu Strawberry Festival will kick off at the White Stones Farm Area on 9:30 AM, March 9. The event is sponsored by the Taipei Department of Economic Development (DOED) and jointly organized by the Neihu District Farmers’ Association and the Chi-Seng Water Management Research & Development Foundation.
Cute kids will perform at the opening, music pieces will be performed during the intermission, and there will be interactive games with prizes and a charity auction for local strawberries, the proceeds of which will be donated to the Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation. Any visitor at the opening event that shares the 2019 Neihu Strawberry Festival on their personal Facebook wall can receive a NT$ 50 discount voucher for use at any event during the 2019 Neihu Strawberry Festival (limited supply of 600 vouchers; first come first served).
During the “Favor for a Photo” event from March 9 to April 7, netizens can vie for prizes by uploading a selfie to their Facebook page clearly showing a 2019 Neihu Strawberry Festival Backdrop Board at a participating farms and registering for the festival’s lucky draw. Between March 26 and April 9, twenty lucky winners will each receive two NT$ 500 super market gift vouchers. On top of that, on each Saturday and Sunday from March 16 through April 7, individuals making a NT$ 300 purchase at the store of a farm participating in the festival will receive an ice cream (limited supply of 50 per store; first come first served). The ice cream is made with delicious strawberries from Neihu and contain juicy bits of these sweet and sour fruits. Yum!
DOED launched its first wave of photos on Instagram with the hashtag #doedfuntaipei, calling for the most creative and beautiful strawberry photos from now until March 17. Just mark the farm location on your Instagram post and tag “@台北饗樂趣_北市產業局” or add the hashtags “#台北饗樂趣”, “#doedfuntaipei” and “#產業局IG徵圖”, and you have chance to win a jar of handmade strawberry jam and be shown on the DOED page.
December through April is the annual strawberry season in Taipei City’s Neihu District, with March and April being the high season for strawberries. Strawberries fans and selfie takers, come to Neihu to enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh mountain air. Take some photos and taste some strawberries—in that order! Photos of empty strawberry boxes don’t count… ;-)
For further information on the details of the activities related to the 2019 Neihu Strawberry Festival, please feel free to contact DOED’s Agricultural Development Division (TEL: 02-2725-6586, Ms. Lai) or the Neihu District Farmers’ Association’s Promotion Department (TEL: 02-2790-0138, ext. 250 Mr. Lin).