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Mayor Discloses Cabinet Member List for the New Term

Mayor Discloses Cabinet Member List for the New TermMayor Ko Wen-je announced the new heads of Taipei City Government agencies on December 24.
Cabinet members resuming their positions from the previous term include the follows: Deputy Mayor Teng Chia-ji; Secretary-general Chang Jer-yang; Deputy Secretary-general Chen Chih-ming; Deputy Secretary-general Hsue Chung-ming; Commissioner of Civil Affairs Lan Shih-tsung; Commissioner of Education Tseng Tsan-chin; Commissioner of Economic Development Lin Chung-chieh; Commissioner of Transportation Chen Shyue-tair; Commissioner of Labor Lai Hsiang-lin; Police Commissioner Chen Jia-chang; Fire Department Commissioner Wu Chun-hong; Health Commissioner Huang Shier-chieg; Environmental Protection Commissioner Liou Ming-lone; Rapid Transit Systems Commissioner Chang Tzer-hsiung; Feitsui Reservoir Administration Commissioner Hsieh Cheng-daw; Compulsary Military Service Commissioner Fu Yung-mao; Sports Commissioner Li Tzai-li; Legal Affairs Commissioner Yuan Hsiu-hui; Commissioner of Budgeting, Accounting and Statistics Liang Hsiu-chu; Commissioner of Personnel Cheng Pen-ching; Government Ethics Commissioner Shen Feng-liang; and Water Department Commissioner Chen Chin-hsiang.
The Commissioner of Public Works Pong Cheng-sheng, in addition to leading his agency, will also serve as deputy mayor under the new administration. He is also the Chairman of the Urban Planning Commission.
The position of Urban Development Commissioner will be filled by Huang Ching-mao, the former Directorate-general of Taichung City Government’s Secretariat.
The new Cultural Affairs Commissioner is Tsai Tsung-hsiung, the former director of Taipei City Office of Commerce. 
Spokesperson Liu Yi-ting will also double as the new Commissioner of Information and Tourism.
Incoming Information Technology Commissioner Lu Hsin-ke will assume his post at a later date. During the interim period, Deputy Commissioner Kao Yung-huang will serve as the acting commissioner of the agency.
Due to administrative processes, incoming Commissioner of Finance Chen Chia-chin is unable to take up her position until a later date. Deputy Secretary-general Chen Chih-ming will serve in acting capacity until the new commissioner assumes office.
Incoming Commissioner of Social Welfare Chen Hsueh-hui used to serve as senior executive officer at the Executive Yuan and was also the former commissioner of Hsinchu City Government’s Department of Social Affairs.
Incoming Land Commissioner Chang Chih-hsiang formerly served as Director-general of Taichung City Government’s Land Administration Bureau.
Herbert Yu, the new Commissioner of Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission, has served in various positions across Taipei City Government, Kaohsiung City Council, and private think tanks.
Deputy Commissioner Lin Fang-ru of the Department of Civil Servant Development will assume the role of Acting Commissioner for the agency.
The position of commissioner of the Hakka Affairs Commission will be filled by former Taipei City Councilor Hsu Shih-hsun.
Engineering Superintendent Chen Jung-hsing will serve as the new commissioner of the Indigenous People Commission.