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MRT to Welcome 10 Billionth Passenger Soon

*Taipei’s MRT system will soon welcome its 10 billionth passenger! To celebrate this milestone, Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC), the company running the ever-evolving and international-award-winning metro system established in 1997, is holding an event titled “In Search of Passenger No. 10,000,000,000,” and everyone is invited to find -- or be! -- that special person.
The 10 billionth passenger will receive one year of free rides on the MRT system and an ASUS notebook computer with a retail value of NT$ 30,000 (nearly USD 1,000). In addition, the five passengers before and the five passengers after the 10 billionth passenger will receive three months of free rides on the MRT system.  People joining in the guessing game of which station the 10 billionth passenger will board their train at will also have a chance of winning great prizes. For more information about the game:   http://www.thetenbillionthpassenger.com.tw/.
During this month when Taipei Metro expects to welcome its 10 billionth passenger, the public can participate in several fun games: Predict the Station Where the 10 Billionth Passenger Will Appear, The Five Hottest MRT Lines with the Highest Number of Votes, and Share Event Pictures to Attract More Votes. A lucky draw will award lucky participants with such prizes as EasyCards containing three-month and one-month unlimited free MRT passes, 72-hour MRT passes, commemorative EasyCard gift boxes signed by the Taipei mayor, a Zenfone 5, a voucher for a one-night stay for two at the Spring City Resort, and many other gifts.
TRTC will also hold a special lucky draw for people whose names contain the Chinese characters 百, 億, 人, 次 (all related to “ten billionth passenger”) and whose last two digits of the ROC ID cards add up to 100. This lucky draw has prizes such as free one-year memberships to karaoke chains KKBOX and KKTV, Eslite gift vouchers, cinema tickets, ASUS power banks, and many more cool gadgets and experiences.
The company will also offer a Taipei Metro Night Shift Backstage Tour for 50 people to visit and observe the metro system control room, automatic train wash street, carriage maintenance and repair, track maintenance and repair, Beitou tower, and station monitoring — all at night. Registration for this event’s lucky draw runs from Friday, March 8, 10:00 through Monday, March 15, 12:00.
For music lovers, TRTC will hold two celebratory concerts titled A Hundred Golden Melodies to Usher in the Tenth Billionth Guest on March 30 and 31 from 13:30 until 18:00 at Daan Park Station. Well-known artists, rising singing stars, and indie groups will perform a program of 100 music pieces covering the 23 years of MRT’s existence to usher in the ten-billionth passenger. At the concert venue, there will also be a creative lifestyle bazaar. With song and dance, food and drink, it promises to be a merry metro time!
A total of 450 prizes with a combined value of NT$ 300,000 (nearly USD 10,000) will be given out in the various lucky draws. To join the lucky draws, please visit http://www.thetenbillionthpassenger.com.tw/ For further information, please contact TRTC’s 24-hour customer service hotline: (02) 218-12345 or the 1999 Citizen Hotline (02-2720-8889 when calling from outside Taipei).