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TCFD Emphasizes Fire Safety During Ghost Month’s Pudu Rites

Alternatives to joss paper offeringsThe Taipei City Fire Department (TCFD) reminded the public to pay attention to fire safety when they participate in pudu rites during Ghost Month. Details to watch out for include the following:

  1. Minimize flying ashes: When burning joss paper (spirit money), pay close attention to residue ashes and prevent them from spreading across large areas.
  2. Do not light firecrackers: TPFD suggest replacing traditional firecrackers with environmental-friendly versions. If firecrackers must be used, please take special fire safety precautions.
  3. Put out remaining fire: After completing the rites, remember to check if all flames have been doused and debris disposed of properly. Be thorough with checks, as any unattended residue might cause a fire.
  4. Keep alcohol away from the fire: When using alcohol spray for disinfecting surfaces or hands, remember to keep it at a distance from the fire. Do not put the alcohol spray near the fire source to minimize risk of accidents.
In case of a fire, individuals should remain calm and call 119 for help. If the fire is small, trying to use nearby water resources to put out the flame. If the fire is uncontrollable and cannot be put out with equipment you have access to, flee the scene as fast as possible and wait for firefighters to arrive.
As an alternative to burning joss paper, TCFD suggests that the public can consider using rice as offering, in compliance with the government’s incense and joss paper reduction policy.
In addition, residents can pick up “joss paper collection bags” at 456 borough offices across the city. The joss papers can be placed in the bags and brought to designated collection spots at local boroughs. The paper will be transported and burned collectively at the city incinerators.