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4th Taipei Esports Tournament Kicks Off – Gamers Compete for Top Honor in Samurai Shodown and Rainbow Six Competition!

Deputy Mayor and guests at the press conference for Taipei Esports Tournament The Taipei City Government’s Department of Information Technology (DOIT) hosted the 4th Taipei Esports Tournament at the 1F of Syntrend Creative Park on November 19 in conjunction with the stimulating Holyland Game Party.

The hosting of professional competitions in collaboration with software and hardware manufacturers allows the public to witness Taipei City Government’s emphasis on the esports industry. Citizens may also gain further insight into the esports industry by viewing the competition either online or offline in order to discover emerging esports talents.

According to Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan, the city government has promoted esports, supported the industry and cultivated talents via the policy of Private Initiative Supported by Government Resources for a number of years. As the Taipei Esports Tournament is being held for the 4th time this year, esports is no longer just a youth activity, it should be presented in a diversified manner to make it more approachable and accessible to the public. This year, the aim is to enhance the event’s benefits through a series of activities and collaborations with multiple industries and NPOs.

The DOIT commented that the champion team from Holyland Game Party has been invited to stage the opening performance for the event, followed by the Samurai Shodown singles contest and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege group contest by the top 28 teams.

Extreme Esports, the event’s organizer, pointed out that esports and the contestants’ micro movies offer an in-depth introduction to the esports industry to let the general public understand the difference between the gaming industry and the esports industry. At the same time, the contestants will be able to appreciate everyone’s support towards esports.