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Ming Hwa Yuan Arts Performs at Dahu Park –Neihu Police Precinct Launches Anti-Drug, Anti-Fraud, and Road Safety Campaign

Actors of Ming Hwa Yuan with police officers at the event In promoting road safety as well as anti-drug and anti-fraud awareness, Taipei City Police Department Neihu Police Precinct participated in the “2019 Righteous Justice – Anti-Corruption Taiwanese Opera” staged by the world-class Ming Hwa Yuan Arts & Cultural Group in the evening of November 3, 2019, which was hosted by the Judicial Yuan.

The precinct launched an anti-drug, anti-fraud, and road safety awareness campaign in Dahu Park, which falls under its jurisdiction. Many people also took the opportunity to take photos with the adorable police caricatures.

The Ming Hwa Yuan Arts & Cultural Group performed to a packed audience of several thousand people at Dahu Park. The Neihu Police Precinct also took photos with Sun Tsui-feng to promote awareness on anti-drug, anti-fraud, and road safety, hoping to convey these concepts via word of mouth to everyone in an imperceptible manner. The aim of the campaign is to minimize the damage caused by drugs, fraud, and traffic accidents.

With the emergence of increasingly creative scams and a dazzling array of drugs, youths are inadvertently exposed to drugs and become addicted. Neihu Police Precinct urges the public to contact the police if they receive suspicious fraudulent calls or come across illegal drugs, because beating crime is everyone’s duty.

According to statistics, the 2 primary causes of traffic accidents are “not paying attention to the traffic ahead”, and “not keeping a safe distance”, therefore, drivers are reminded to stay vigilant, keep an eye on the traffic conditions ahead, maintain a safe following distance, and yield to pedestrians in order to reduce traffic accidents.