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Taipei City Hospital Inks Deal with Indonesia’s Hasanuddin University Faculty of Medicine

*Taipei City Hospital (TCH) and the Faculty of Medicine at Hasanuddin University in Indonesia signed a Memorandum of Understanding on March 4, 2019.
TCH Department of Psychiatry Director Lin Shih-ku, Division of Addiction Science Director Huang Ming-chi, and the Songde Branch’s Division of Teaching and Research Director Kuo Chien-che traveled to Makassar, Indonesia to sign the MoU, which arranges for the speedy sharing of clinical resources and knowledge between both partners.
In response to the government's New Southbound Policy, TCH’s Songde Branch and National Cheng Kung University are taking part in a program under the Ministry of Health and Welfare titled “International Research and Development Cooperation and Bridging Program in Mental Health and Psychological Hygiene under the New Southbound Policy.” The program aims to develop collaborative relations between partners in Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries. The MoU was conceived and will be implemented in the ministry’s program and the cabinet’s policy.
TCH Superintendent Huang Sheng-Jean notes that the most important goal of this partnership and the MoU is to collaborate in R&D and to share resources in psychiatry. In the future, talent training for psychiatry professionals, as well as a collaboration platform and regular conferences for them, will strengthen TCH’s capabilities pertaining to psychiatric treatment and psychological hygiene, as well as enhancing the international outlook of the Taiwanese hospital group.
Taipei City Hospital (TCH) is a group of trusted community-based hospitals in Taipei offering high-value healthcare services and community-based humane medical treatment in a care system focused on medical rehabilitation and humanistic care. TCH works to stay in step with international trends and build a new era of holistic care.
The largest psychiatric teaching and training hospital in Taiwan, TCH’s Songde Branch enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad, and offers excellent teaching and training in mental health-related disciplines. Its medical service network covers hospitals and communities and is an important model in Taipei’s mental health ecosystem. TCH provides unique health care services to patients with psychiatric illnesses, substance addictions, elderly mental diseases, psychosomatic syndromes, and others. TCH invests significantly in research, development, and teaching, and publishes important research findings every year. Its research and development are growing rapidly. TCH collaborates in teaching with universities such as National Taiwan University, National Yangming University and Taipei Medical University, and is a leader in collaboration between industry, government, and academia.
Founded in 1956, Hasanuddin University (UnHas) is located in Makassar, Indonesia. UnHas is one of the largest public universities in Indonesia and has a renowned faculty of medicine with a curriculum covering pre-med, nursing, physical therapy, psychology, and more. Its academic hospital has a psychiatric ward, cancer center, and R&D center of considerable scale.