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Taipei City Hospital Supports Low Vision Rehabilitation in Lienchiang County

Taipei City Hospital Supports Low Vision Rehabilitation in Lienchiang CountySince 2000, Taipei City Hospital has been dispatching optometrists to Lienchiang County every other week, serving locals living at four villages and five isles across the county.
According to Taipei City Hospital Superintendent Huang Sheng-Jean, the hospital’s low vision specialist team is visiting Lienchiang from March 5 through March 9 to provide low vision evaluation and promote the use of supportive devices.
The team consists of experts in eye care, assistive devices, and rehabilitation. The program seeks to provide one-stop services spanning early intervention, diagnosis and treatment, surgeries and medication, counselling, evaluation and prescription of appropriate aids, employment counselling, as well as orientation and mobility instruction.
Low vision is visual impairment which cannot be corrected through methods such as surgeries, medication, or glasses. It is usually caused by age-related degeneration, eye diseases, or damage to the eye. People with low vision still retain some useful eyesight but may experience difficulties performing daily tasks.
Among the 12,000 inhabitants of Lienchiang County, 38 individuals hold the certificate of blindness or visual impairment. The specialized team will begin with evaluation and training for the 38 patients. House-calls are arranged in the case where patients are homebound due to mobility issues.