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Deputy Mayor Shares Pandemic Prevention Experience at Taipei-Shanghai Forum

Deputy Mayor speaks at the Taipei-Shanghai ForumDeputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan delivered a keynote presentation covering 4 topics during the 2020 Taipei-Shanghai Forum at the Regent Taipei in the morning of July 22.
The four topics covered by her speech include: (1) How to implement measures ahead of time (“advance deployment”) while at the same time ensuring the continued functioning of a city; (2) Innovative approaches regarding pandemic prevention; (3) financial stimulus and assistance for businesses, and (4) Post-pandemic era overtaking on the curve and transition toward an unknown future.
During her address, Huang pointed out that the city government’s battle against COVID-19 began on January 27, 2020 – which happens to be the third day of Chinese New Year. When the mayor called the response meeting, the city of Wuhan has already entered lockdown and random cases have began to appear across Taiwan. At the first moment, the City ordered mandatory face mask measures for frontline workers such as bus drivers and MRT station staff.
Next, the deputy mayor covered Taipei’s efforts in advance deployment over the past 6 months. Beginning with the overhaul of Taipei City Hospital Heping Campus’ negative isolation ward which was established 17 years ago, the city government works hard to improve the emergency response capability of its affiliated hospitals. Over the years, the city government established numerous negative isolation wards and a pandemic prevention website, as well as conducting drills and training to prepare for possible pandemics.
Furthermore, Taipei has seen a large number of COVID-19 patients from abroad. It was also to stop possible spread through home isolation and testing-at-the-border approach. The government also established 24-hour hotlines and several home quarantine support services, creating a convenient environment for those isolated at home.
To assist in quarantine efforts, the city implemented measures such as “Pandemic Prevention Hotel”, “Safe Testing Site”, Community Support System, Real-name Registration Face Mask Vending Machine, and Real Name Registration App.
At the close of her speech, Huang pointed out that Taipei City tried hard to achieve a balance between pandemic prevention and continual economic activity, and was fortunate enough for avoiding compulsory stay-at-home orders. The very fact that society continues to operate without shutdown is the result of the public’s trust in the city government.