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Donating Uniform-Invoice on the Cloud for Admission Tickets

Mayor at the press conference for the uniform-invoice exchange programTo encourage the use of cashless transactions and to support the government’s economic stimulus plans, Taipei City Government announced that it will implement the 1.5-month-long Taipei City Online Uniform-invoice Exchange Program starting August 1.
The exchange program, lasting from August 1 through September 15, will allow participants to donate uniform-invoices stored on the cloud showing purchases of NT$1,000 or more for admission tickets to city facilities such as Taipei Zoo, Maokong Gondola, and the Taipei Children’s Amusement Park. The city government hopes to encourage the practice of storing uniform-invoices on the cloud, thereby replacing the traditional invoice with electronic ones while helping charity organizations.
To participate in the program, those interested need to first create an account at the exchange program’s Chinese activity website (https://app.code-desire.com.tw/DOIT_TAIPEI/xch_2020/index). The applicant needs to provide his or her cell phone number and the mobile phone bar code verification code as a part of the registration process.
Mayor Ko Wen-je remarked that Taipei City Government has been proactive in complying with the policy of paperless uniform-invoices – roughly 70-percent of the receipts acquired by the City are online. He added that city hall’s government procedures for actions spanning purchases to filing for reimbursements have all been moved online.
The mayor hopes that the trend can continue with the private sector, encouraging companies and businesses to hop on the bandwagon of digitization. The press conference today is a testimony to city hall’s effort in promoting e-government.