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TPEDOIT Teams up with Fashion Brand to Introduce City Tees

Nanxing Park Reopens after OverhaulThe Department of Information and Tourism has joined hands with design company STAYREAL to release a new line of attire products combining the theme of undiscovered Taipei with images of the city’s North Gate.
According to the agency’s data on tourists and their spending habits from 2017, a total of 9.7 million international travelers visited the capital city last year, with growth in the number of Korean, American, Hong Kong, Macau, and Japanese tourists. 
Citing visits to trade shows in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, and Korea, Commissioner Chen Su-yu remarked that the results have been fruitful and acquired a better understanding on the importance of creating a brand for the city.
To introduce elements symbolizing new vitality into Taipei’s city brand, the agency invited STAYREAL to design a line of product, which included T-shirt and canvas bag based on the three colors of yellow, black and white.
No2Good, the head designer from STAYREAL, pointed out that the impressions of overseas visitors have about Taipei City were integrated with those of a local guide, resulting in the incorporation of themes of “Foodie,” “Fun Lover,” and “Hipster” into the product line.
The attires from the “Undiscovered Taipei x STAYREAL” line will debut at the Taipei City Government pavilion during the upcoming Taipei International Travel Fair starting November 23.