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Online Registration for Chinese Yam One-Day Tour, Chinese Yam Feast Begins at Noon on Nov. 25

Poster announcing Chinese yam promotion activities As the poetic autumn ambiance descends on Taipei City, it is the harvest season for Chinese yams on Yangmingshan in Shilin District. Over the years, the Taipei City Government’s Department of Economic Development (DOED), Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, and Shilin Farmers’ Association have relentlessly assisted farmers to improve their Chinese yam cultivation technique, as well as show them how to protect Chinese yam from diseases. The unique gutter cultivation technique has enabled Shilin farmers to grow oversized, extra-long, and extra-plump Chinese yams. Additionally, they also provided assistance in testing for pesticide residues. Every year, inspectors from Shilin Farmers’ Association will visit each Chinese yam production region to obtain random samples for the chemical testing of 311 types of residual pesticides. Working hand in hand with the farmers’ association, Taipei City Government aims to protect the health and safety of the consumers.

With assistance from the DOED this year, the Shilin Farmers’ Association will take citizens to Chinese yam farms on Yangmingshan, Shilin, to experience how farmers cultivate Chinese yams by embarking on the Chinese Yam Farm x Fantasyland One Day Tour and the Chinese Yam Host x Vivacious General Merchandise Store sales exhibition inspired by the farming days of yesteryear, as well as the nostalgic and lively Shilin Chinese Yam Pavilion x Chinese Yam Karaoke Hall activity, etc. Shilin Chinese Yam Baby will act as the host and take everyone on a series of journeys from farm to table, so come on and follow us into the Chinese yam fantasyland, where you will be guaranteed to have a good time and enjoy great food!

Three Theme Activities of the 2019 Chinese Yam Season
Chinese Yam Host x Vivacious General Merchandise Store – Sales Exhibition at Jianguo Holiday Flower Market
Dec. 7 (Saturday)- Dec. 8 (Sunday) 10:00-18:00 Taipei Jianguo Holiday Flower Market Agricultural Showcase features Chinese yam stalls and multiple promotional offers including “collect points to exchange them for prizes”.

Chinese Yam Farm x Fantasyland One Day Tour
Two groups will be organized, one on Dec. 10 (Tuesday) and Dec. 17 (Tuesday). Each group has 40 spots and the registration fee is NT$800 per person. Participants will embark on a journey to Chinese yam farms to appreciate the characteristics of Chinese yam and partake in DIY activities. Besides enjoying sumptuous food and great fun, they also get to take home souvenirs.

Shilin Chinese Yam Pavilion x Chinese Yam Karaoke Hall Feast
A feast will be provided at noon and in the evening of Dec. 21 (Saturday) at Taipei Garden Mall (No. 18-2, Sec. 7, Yanping N. Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City). A total of 120 tables (10 persons per table) will be available at a cost of just NT$6,000 per table. Exciting band performances will be arranged on the same day, treating you to the triple enjoyment of sight, sound, and taste while dining.

Don’t miss the coveted Chinese Yam Farm x Fantasyland One Day Tour and Shilin Chinese Yam Pavilion x Chinese Yam Karaoke Hall! Online registration for these activities will begin at noon on Nov. 25 (Monday); only a limited number of spots is up for grabs on a first come first served basis. Taiwan citizens are cordially invited to join the celebration with us! (Registration website: http://yam.be-yond.com.tw/)

In addition, those who are keen to purchase delicious, fresh Chinese yam directly from the farm may do so by contacting the Shilin Farmers’ Association at (02)2882-8959#601~602, or they may visit the Vitality Lifestyle Mall owned by Shilin Farmers’ Association (next to No. 342, Wenlin Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City) to purchase fresh limited edition Chinese yam souvenirs. For more information on the Chinese Yam Season, please contact Ms. Li at Shilin Farmers’ Association at (02)2882-8959#502 or refer to the Shilin Yangmingshan Chinese Yam Season fan page. Alternatively, please check the official website of the Shilin Farmers’ Association.

For more details on the DOED’s activities, please browse the “臺北市產業局-台北饗樂趣” Facebook fan page or the official website of the agency.