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Mayor Returns from Europe, Praises Effort of Taiwanese Expats

Mayor Returns from Europe, Praises Effort of Taiwanese ExpatsAfter 11 days of traveling across 4 European nations, Mayor Ko Wen-je and the delegation from Taipei City Government returned to the island in the evening of February 6.
During the press conference at the airport, the mayor noted that he witnessed the traces of hard work by Taiwanese expats at the various stops throughout the trip to Europe. He also looks forward to introducing the concept of circular economy to Taipei City – beginning with the public housing projects.
On the subject of Taiwanese expats, he noted that the staff members of Tzu Chi Foundation are assisting refugees from Syria in the remote areas of Turkey.
He also met with Taiwanese businessmen residing in Turkey for over three decades, building a career from nothing. All these bear testimony to the efforts of Taiwanese expats around the world.
However, Ko believes that while Taiwan cannot be considered the top advanced nation in the world, it is important to introduce new concepts from advanced nations to Taipei. He remarked that discussion with the government of the Netherlands will commence in the near future, seeking to establish communication channels and bring in the idea of circular economy to Taipei.