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2018 Child Safety Awareness Day: Empower Children with Safety Skills

2018 Child Safety Awareness Day: Empower Children with Safety SkillsEach year, the city government chooses a day in mid-May to host events to raise awareness on the issue of child safety. This year, the event falls on May 12, featuring a series of activities taking place at Taipei Expo Park. It is organized by Jing Chuan Child Safety Foundation and Fuan Center, with help from the Department of Social Welfare (DSW).
In April, Jing Chuan Child Safety Foundation conducted a questionnaire survey targeting elementary and junior high school students and parents on children’s self-protection awareness. The survey finds that on the issue of online interaction safety, while all children and teens respondents agree about not meeting a stranger online, nearly 50% of them indicated that they had met with their online friends.
On the issue of safe boundaries involving physical contact by someone known to them (family friends), 97.6% of the children and teens said they should not tolerate transgressions. Yet, 27.7% admitted that they did not speak up if encountering such event, while 1.2% of the parents responded that such contact should be tolerated.
The survey also indicated that children learn safety skills at schools and from family members, while less than 20% of the parents educate children on safety – about 10% never discussed this topic with their children. The foundation advised that parents should talk with their kids and teach them on how to stay safe.
According to Jing Chuan Child Safety Foundation, incidents involving personal safety constituted the largest share of news involving children victims in 2017. In most cases, the aggressors are people known to the children. Hence, acquaintances, such as family friends or online friends, can sometimes be the most likely offenders. The foundation also advised parents to be aware of their children’s online behavior to protect them from potential harms.
DSW reminds that child neglect can result in harm for children and that parents should be responsible in empowering children with safety skills.