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Taipei Papago Event Conducts First Online Tour

North Gate (Beimen)Established in 1920, the municipality of Taipei is now 100 years old! To commemorate the important historical event, the Taipei City Archives will be holding the “2020 Taipei Papago: Taipei Monuments and Historical Sites – Back to 100 Years Ago” to bring the public closer to the places which bear testimony to Taipei’s past.
This year marks the 13th year for the city government’s Taipei Papago event. To highlight the 100th year of the municipality’s establishment, the tours this year will focus on Taipei’s centennial landmarks and structures.
In light of the pandemic, the tours this year will take the form of a livestreamed event on September 19. For the tour, 4 celebrity tour guides will take participants virtually to important historical sites including the Nishi Honganji Plaza, North Gate, Taipei Post Office, Red House at Municipal Jianguo High School, Dadaocheg Presbyterian Church, and Linji Huguo Temple. Registration for the tour is open from today through September 13.
In addition, a total of ten historical site tours will be conducted online between September 27 through November 21. These include “Walk along the 100-year-old Zhongshan”, “Exploring the New and Old Beitou”, “Culture Daan Turns 100”, “100 Years of Memory of Old Dadaocheng”, “Centennial Bangka Banishes the Pandemic” and more.
For tour registration and more information, please visit the online tour website (https://taipeicitypapago.tw) or the related Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/taipeicitypapago/).